Grandmother’s Recipes – From The Family Canning Company

There was a canning company in my family until 1920.  After her father’s death, my Grandmother (paternal)  ran it with her uncle.  But when he died and she had married my grandfather, the time had come to sell it.

The Company had a rich history.  The Curtice Brothers, Simeon and Edwin, had a grocery store in Webster, NY near Lake Ontario.  It was a prime growing area for fruits and “garden truck.”  They made jams and jellies in their mother’s kitchen after  hours.  All of this led them to found a canning company in 1868.  The headquarters was located in Rochester, NY but their produce came, in the main, from the Genesee Valley south of Rochester.

Their fastidiousness about freshness and quality led them to locate canning plants in the fields where produce could be captured and processed at the peak of freshness.  They were pioneers in this approach.

Today, their advertisements, labels, jars and bottles are prime collectors items.  Anything I have has been purchased on the internet since most records of the company did not survive.

Here is a little booklet published in 1908 “Original Menus” that includes suggestions for the use of Curtice Brothers products along with original recipes.  Over time, I will reproduce some of the pages from this booklet.  It is a gem.

4 thoughts on “Grandmother’s Recipes – From The Family Canning Company

  1. How cool to know your family history like that. 🙂 And it seems too bad to me, that you have to search that stuff down online, instead of being able to just hike up to the attic, you know?

    I love the little booklet though, it’s so cute. 🙂


    1. Why thank you, dear. I am so sorry that the records were lost. Business records of that era were generally the property of the partners and once they were in a household were the first things to be tossed when there was a move to clean the attic.


      1. Those are really cool SH. Lucky to find copies of those family treasures.

        I love the recipe for the “Roast Ham a la Curtice” where it says:

        Take package of Curtice Boneless Ham. Place in roaster – in some liquor.


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