Friday Foodies Funnies

Boo!  The Halloween Yeast! 


from DF with love 🙂


8 thoughts on “Friday Foodies Funnies

  1. Morning DF,
    Hey, did you have this post scheduled to publish this morning? If so, did it publish on time?

    I had 5 posts scheduled to publish this week on my MR blog & 1 post scheduled to publish here. Not one published like it should have.

    Contacted support, but didn’t get any response back.


    1. I did have it scheduled – all my posts are scheduled since I discovered you could do that on WP and I’ve been using Windows Live Writer. I haven’t posted from the WP dashboard in years now, lol. 🙂 I’ve even scheduled posts more than a year in advance.

      I know I sound like a shill for WLW but I just really love the program and don’t think I can even blog without it anymore. It’s a free download from Microsoft and I’ll send you the link if you’re interested. It’s a bit resource-hoggy but so worth it, I think.

      LOL, I found one of the posts I did on it a while back. Here’s the link – lots more info on WLW and scheduling posts. 🙂


      1. I would like to check out the WLW. I’ve been having problems editing my posts lately. Locks my machine up. I think it’s a script problem with Mozilla.

        As long as it’s not too resource-hoggy. Most of my computer’s “resources” are already used up by Microsoft updates!

        Thanks DF!


        1. My pleasure, MR! It is a little hoggy, but we use it on this little old thing of a computer and it’s okay. I’ve even opened several instances of it, and also had Firefox open at the same time with several tabs. When I do that, things slow down, it is a celeron afterall, but on the other computers we had, it wasn’t a problem to do that at all.

          I think it’s pretty intuitive, but maybe that’s because I’ve been using it so long now. If you have any problems, I’d be more than happy to help. 🙂


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