Friday Foodies Funnies

Garlic.  Always garlic, kittehs.  🙂


from DF with love 🙂


2 thoughts on “Friday Foodies Funnies

  1. Now I’ve seen everything. Food critic felines. They will be happy with a mouse or “twa” as we Scots say but we run out and buy “fancy feast.” Enough Morris the Cat stuff. Hunt or take a hike.

    My father brought a stray cat home from the airport we named “Sam” of course. We had a mouse in the kitchen. Sam did nothing so my father cornered it and zonked it with a baseball bat. Overkill. The cat ate what we ate after that.


    1. LOL 🙂

      I used to have a “foodie feline” many years ago. His favorites were chocolate milk, potato chips, and french fries. And cheese, he loved the sliced American cheese.

      Cats hate mice, I’ve always heard. I can only say that if I was a cat and knew I had an option, I’d take it too. 😉


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