Enhanced Carrot Cake in an Enhanced Turn of the Century Kitchen

Just park your "brolly" and come into the most interesting kitchen in, well, the United States and Texas.

A delightful family bought a large old turn of the penultimate century home in my village.  The wife, a Canadian transplant and I have cooking and art and music and home restoration and even Canada in common.  She has painted and sanded and worked her way through each room of this manse to bring a new life to an historic home.  Her kitchen is the heart of the “plant” and that is where she embellishes recipes daily.  She is a mother to three but all are in college except one.  She is, therefore, cooking for 3 and often me.

Catherine went out and found period cupboards and hutches to put in the kitchen.  She had the granite kitchen island installed with her sink across from her range/oven.  The brick pillar is what remains of a chimney for an old pot-belly stove.

Harry James is the family’s Beagle mix.  Make no mistake.  He is the king of this castle.  He stays close to the cook because it’s warm and fulfilling in the kitchen.

Large windows overlook the gardens in back of the house.  The pantry can be seen at the far end of the room.Harry James has his own chair at his own large window.

Below, a picture of an interesting lamp Catherine picked up at a garage sale.  She has an eye for prints and old things of all periods and she pulls them all together in vignettes that are fresh and imaginative and completely her own.

Behold, the better carrot cake - a lot like a better mousetrap! It really grabs you if you love fruit cakes.

Catherine loves to tweak recipes and to generally add more of the healthy ingredients to them.  With the carrot cake she baked this week, she added extra nuts (walnuts AND pecans), cran-raisins (in addition to raisins called for by the recipe), extra carrots and, in her one slip from the healthy pathway, she used coconut oil instead of vegetable.  What a moist, sweet cake.  We enjoyed it without frosting.

Just take your favorite carrot cake recipe and tweak it a la Catherine. Bravery in the culinary field of battle should be recognized.  Catherine, this is in honor of  your successful cooking campaigns over many years.  You get a SamHenry heart of appreciation ♥

4 thoughts on “Enhanced Carrot Cake in an Enhanced Turn of the Century Kitchen

  1. Hi GranMa,

    How do i buy the Lamb Mould cause in Italy we do lambs same as your mould for Easter i have two old stone mould but its time for a new one and your is brilliant!! Please could you tell me where i can get two for my parents they will be so happy!!…..I love your Web i found it by looking for the Lamb Mould and i love it and you have a lovely warm home and a lovely dog animals lover!!…..Thank you for sharing this with us i’ll let my friends here in London to check your web out…..Take care Gabi oxo


    1. Gabi thank you for your sincere appreciation of this blog. Three of us friends have come together to make it what it is. I bought my lamb cake mold on eBay here in the US. You can access it from the UK eBay or do a google search for eBay US. Be sure you look for Griswold and the number of the mold on the ones you consider (see my article). Some charge upwards of $200 for the Griswold mold these days. There are other brands. Let me know if you have any other questions. Again, thank you for y our appreciation of the blog.


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