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Three birds of a feather flocked together under this heading to pull together memories of food and fun and all things involved in sitting around our grandmothers’ tables.

It began with SamHenry’s memories of a chair from her grandmother’s kitchen with which she was reunited quite by accident 60 years later.  Then blogging friend Mountain Republic commented on SamHenry’s post about it that it brought back fond memories of his own grandmother’s kitchen.  Before you knew it website genius and writer, DarcsFalcon chimed in and offered to get a site up and running.  Site – it’s a cozy corner of the web I find difficult to leave.

“I’m probably better in the dining room than the kitchen, *ahem!* but there might be a recipe or 2 or 3 lurking around in the background here I can pull out.  :)”

  • Find out about Mountain Republic

  • “My Grandmother used to smoke. Her habit consisted of smoking one cigarette every year after our Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone would gather around & laugh as we watched her indulge. I’m sure she did it just for the laughs!”

My maternal grandmother was the most fortunate of women. Grandpa did a million things to let her know he loved her.  She never had to put gas in her car or back it out of the garage. He used to leave shirt card boards with loving messages for her on her pillow on his way to work.

And when she grew ill and could no longer stand to cook, he became chief chef.  He made doughnuts, pressure cooked chuck roast, salmon croquettes – he had a vast repertoire.  I once asked him where he learned to cook and he said with a twinkle in his eye “why working on the lake (Ontario) boats summers.”

Oh, and I had to bring along my favorite picture from DF’s website. I carry it around like a Teddy Bear.  It always gives me a chuckle.  For me, it is the soul of DF.


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