Sarah Ferguson is Drinking French Ginger Tea – Should We?

Our grandmothers used ginger quite liberally – fresh ginger.  Ginger cookies were made with fresh ginger,  jams had fresh ginger.  But today, the taste of fresh ginger is something we know nothing about unless we are into Asian food.  Ginger snaps from the box are nothing like the real deal.

Now it seems there is something called French Ginger Tea and I found out about it from an article about Sarah Ferguson:

She claims to have adopted a strict fitness regime based on exercising, drinking lots of water and eating plenty of fruit and vegetables.

The duchess is also a regular drinker of French ginger tea, which she dubs ‘a great disinfectant for the body’.

There are many websites with good recipes and some even add lemon or honey.  Here is an intriguing one at another blog called Do Right Fear Not.