Friday Foodie Funnies

Thanks for all your help, Bunny!  Couldn’t do it without you!  🙂


With Love From

All rights reserved by DarcsFalcon

Clipped from Good Job, There, STYD Bunny! I Lost ten Pounds Already! – Cheezburger

8 thoughts on “Friday Foodie Funnies

  1. Well, I’ll be darned…a new Friday Funnies! Hey, it worked!! 🙂 Please don’t feel obligated to post every single Friday just to ‘keep the light on’ as you did in the past! Occasional posts would be just fine!

    I missed this post yesterday and it probably would have even been longer if I hadn’t looked at the site this morning. Do you know of any way to set up a notification so we both would be notified of each others posts?

    I was checking out your soap-making blog and thought that subject would be a good fit for AGT. Gotta wash your hands before sitting down to Grandma’s Table!

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    1. Well, you could click the “follow us” button in the sidebar, and that should get you an email notice, and probably a post in your WordPress Reader, too. I think there are settings in your WP Reader that you can choose whether or not to get email notices, also.

      The “subscribe to RSS” should get you a notice in your other reader of choice – InoReader, Feedly, etc., if you use one of those.

      Hopefully one of those options works for you. 🙂

      Hey thanks for checking out my soaping blog! And you’re absolutely right – hands must be washed! 😀

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        1. LOL Well, I can vouch that homemade soap is indeed awesome, especially for skin issues. And, I can also vouch that it’s pretty easy to make. If you can back a cake from scratch, you can make soap. 🙂 Honest!

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